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C-type steel machine equipment use characteristics

Aug. 29, 2019

C-type steel machine equipment is a single-roll forming unit that can produce a variety of C-type purlin products.

The main characteristics of the C-shaped steel machine: the bearing is made of bearing steel (GR15), and is annealed after forging; the base is made of 310H steel; the lower five upper four levels are used to ensure the leveling; the secondary forming type is used to ensure the squareness of the product. Right angle, the size of the upper side can be made; the thickness of the rolled material is 1.5mm-3mm (the thickness can also be designed according to user requirements).

C-shaped steel machine mainly consists of passive loading frame, leveling device, punching device, post-forming cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control system, etc. This machine adopts automatic flying saw for punching and easy operation.

C-shaped steel products rolled by C-type steel machine have good tensile and bending performance, good straightness, fully automatic fixed length cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, quick and convenient installation, and the product can be used as the main body of large and medium-sized industrial and civil buildings. Forced structures, such as factory buildings, warehouses, garages, hangars, exhibition halls, theaters, stadiums, market sheds, load bearing loads and wall flat support. Cold-formed steel is the main material for making light steel structures, using steel plates. Or steel strips are formed by cold bending.

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