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Introduction to the maintenance method of keel machine

Nov. 01, 2020

For keel machines, the best maintenance method is to achieve the best maintenance results with less maintenance costs. If measured from the aspects of maintenance cost, labor loss, maintenance organization and maintenance effect of the keel machine, each maintenance method has its advantages and disadvantages. The enterprise can according to its own production characteristics, the characteristics of the keel machine, and the law of failure. , Resources, funds and other circumstances.

  The imported high-precision pressure roller mold material of the automatic light steel keel forming equipment has undergone a special processing technology to ensure the accuracy and smoothness of each workpiece! Maintain a good appearance of the finished product, no slippery paint, and zero wear! It is a cold-formed press machine specializing in the production of light steel villa keel. The light steel keel profile produced by this machine is specially used to build the villa frame. Due to the light weight of the light steel structure building, the metal material properties and the necessary shear wall structure form Determine the natural seismic performance of the light steel structure system.

Comparison of light steel materials and traditional house materials: light steel material, high density reaches G550/Q550, galvanized steel heat 275g, thickness 0.85mm, bearing capacity of 33-35 kg per square meter, Handan Iron and Steel reaches the national standard and will not rust. Corrosion, imported domestic hot-dip galvanized steel sheet from Taiwan to cold-bent roll forming

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