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Overview and debugging method of angular pressure washer

Aug. 22, 2019

Knitting machine is an upgraded traditional roofing screw installation, also known as concealed roofing panel pressing machine. Knitting machine is mainly composed of loading frame, loading frame support, feeding introduction platform, forming main machine, forming Shearing device, hydraulic station, computer control box, etc. The whole machine adopts imported PLC industrial computer for control, and can be used with other pressing machine supporting equipment to achieve 24-hour continuous production. 760 type angular pressure pressing machine production The roof panel/wall panel has excellent anti-leakage performance compared with the ordinary roof panel/wall panel. At the same time, the arching machine can be used to make the beamless arched roof. At the same time, the conventional series of roof leakage problems are solved, and the profiled panel is solved. The installation method adopts 180 degree meshing and bite installation to make the roof waterproof effect better.

The demand for the angular pressure tile machine is mainly concentrated in medium and large-scale and heavy-duty enterprises. Although the import quantity and import value of China's Jinjia and Jinqie have declined in 2007, the growth rate of machining centers and milling machines is still positive. It shows that China's demand for high-end machine tools is still very strong.

Color steel tile all-steel structure factory frame, single-sided color steel plate steel structure workshop, multi-span steel structure workshop, wooden driving beam factory building, villa-type color steel plate room with cross-color steel plate canopy, roof top layer, large span factory building, Light steel structure ring shed.

Debugging method of angle-compacting tile machine

1. Angle-clamping machine equipment--the debugging method of the deviation of the pressure plate of the angle-forming machine, such as the board running to the right, the left corner of the pad (feeding frame), or the bottom right side.

2. Find the center of the first row and the last row of the cornering machine, then tighten the locks on both sides, and pull a straight line in front of and behind the center of the middle wheel to adjust the gap between the upper and lower shafts. After that, you can adjust the machine along the line.

3. First, the four corners of the front and rear queues of the angle machine are aligned from the upper end of the big frame to the upper end of the shaft, and then from the first row to the last row, find a line to straighten the corner forming machine. Also has the advantages of operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical debugging, mold replacement and so on.

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