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The use characteristics of glazed tile machine system

Jul. 08, 2020

The editor explains some characteristics of the glazed tile machine system for you:

The control system of the glazed tile machine is simple in operation and high in precision, and the cutting accuracy of each piece is less than 0.1mm, which meets the process requirements. The program runs stably and reliably.

The glazed tile machine is divided into three parts, the roller table forming part, the pressing part, and the cutting part. The roller table forming part is dragged by the motor, and the chain drives the rollers to rotate. The pressing part is the hydraulic cylinder that drives the mold to move up and down, which can change the color The steel is pressed into many sections, shaped like a glazed tile. The cutter part is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to move the cutter up and down, which can cut off the colored steel tile. The production process of the glazed tile tile press machine is as follows: the colored steel plate enters the roller table forming part, and the forming part is pressed , Pressed into equal distance section by section, the cutter is responsible for fixed-length cutting.

   The execution part has two hydraulic solenoid valves of inverter drive motor, hydraulic station motor and cutter.

PLC selects KDN-K306-24AR of KDN-K3 series. It has 14 inputs/10 relay outputs, which just meet the input and output requirements. With KDN text screen, it can complete parameter setting, alarm display, help information, production Data display, etc. The glazed tile machine must use the high-number pulse input function, KDN-K306-24AR high-number input performance is excellent, and the AB phase selection has strong anti-interference ability.

The detection part of the glazed tile machine includes: a pulse encoder for detecting the length of the color steel tile, a press-type up and down travel switch, a knife up and down travel switch, a press up and down operation button, a knife up and down travel button, an emergency stop switch, and a hydraulic start Stop switch, etc.

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