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Features of embossing machine

Nov. 27, 2020

Forward mechanical embossing machine is widely used in embossing roller, color steel embossing, embossing molding machinery and equipment, decorative materials, nonferrous metals and other industries for surface embossing

Roll blank material: 45 ᦇ high quality seamless steel pipe, high quality 42CrMo alloy steel seamless pipe, precision forging

Internal structure: various runner or jacket type design

Overall processing: 3M abrasive precision grinding, quenching with advanced heat treatment process, multiple stress relief, quenching, high-efficiency micro crack hard chromium electroplating

Roller surface accuracy: mirror surface roughness ra0.01 (finish grade 14), cooling or heating temperature difference ≤± 1 ℃, thermal deformation ≤ 0.01mm, flatness ≤ 0.005mm, runout ≤ 0.005mm, coaxiality ≤ 0.005mm. Surface hardness hrc55-58, hardness hv1000 (HRC62) after chrome plating and polishing. Purpose: suitable for calendering, Matt treatment, leather ironing and calendering of PP, Pt, PE, ABS, PVC, etc, Paper calendering, Matt treatment

Surface treatment: hardness of hard chromium coating is more than hv900 (conventional hv500-60), roughness is ra0.01 (grade 14) (if there is special anti-corrosion requirement, the bottom layer can be treated with nickel plating), the hardness is above hv1250, the roughness is above ra0.05, and the service life of hard chromium coating is 5-10 times longer than that of electrodeposited coating

Processing range: 320-350mm in diameter and 550-700mm in length

Processing accuracy: temperature difference ≤± 1 ℃, thermal deformation ≤ 0.01mm, flatness, runout, coaxiality ≤ 0.01mm (advanced large-scale special grinder, ensuring concentricity)

Transmission mode: adopt precision no gap gear transmission, high precision

Processing pattern: various geometric patterns, leather patterns, stripes, three-dimensional patterns, relief, etc. can be customized patterns


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